Tournament players are usually found playing short stacks. Even though a lot of luck goes into the game you play, there is no denying over the fact that a profitable win is not just limited to your chance or destiny. With a focus on your mistakes and knowledge on how you are to avoid them, you can ensure that your stacks tournaments are profitable, more than you thought they would turn out to be. Even if you are a decent stack player, avoiding a few mistakes that are committed by most can earn you benefits in the game.

Here are some of the common mistakes or short stack blunders that must be avoided, should you eye a considerable win in the game.

Failure to defend big blinds in an impactful manner

It is a game that requires you to be not either too lose or too tight. If you are inclined a bit too much in either of these, you are committing a mistake that you should not. In both these cases, chances of winning pre-flops and post-flops are really going to kill your game. Players need to have a wide range. Careful analysis of the game and the approach you will need to adopt can make you win in even the trickiest situations. If you are dealing with some loose player, you might want to take up the game with a stronger range in hand.

Open shoving for excessive chips

There might be situations when you are tempted for open shoving while you are trying to play in the post-flop game right against a player who knows how to play the tricky game. Keep in mind that this is the kind of game that is actually asking you to risk a bit too much and that too in exchange of little gain. You are expected to take chances with comparatively more standard raises and this is the case when you are expecting the players to respond much profitably. You must try to save your chips for the purpose of re-stealing.

Blind off

When it comes to the game of short stacks, this is definitely one of the worst mistakes to commit. In a situation when the blinds are going up, it should be noted that your options do actually become comparatively limited. You are expected to make sure that you have picked hands of some decent player for shoving. As a result, you are left with no choice but to pick any two cards for shoving in case you don’t really get that “decent” hand. So play strategically and don’t be the player who is in a “bad state” of the game till he has found his decent premium hand in the game.

There are high and low points in every game and there are stages when the tournament does become shallow. Try to learn the art of mastering short stack games. When it comes to the tournament pokers, it can’t be denied that the short-stack is the most vital part of the game. Play it and lead it!

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