Bingo is not simply an innocent game. It could, in fact, be the root cause of the end of the world! Here are ten ways in which it could happen.

1 Workers of the World, Disappear! Thanks to online bingo, workers can play the game from anywhere. With this in mind, workers could very well just stop working in order to play the game. All of the world’s productivity could fall away, leaving the only people still working simply making more bingo cards.
2 Virus Alert In fact, these bingogubben playing workers can lead to even more problems. What if someone puts a massive virus in to one of the online games? In mere moments, one could see the collapse of all of our information systems. Even worse, what if government computers get infected? We could see World War 3 started by a bad call!
3 No More Food Let us not stop with office workers. What if farmers get too caught up in the game? Missing one harvest season could have dire effects on the Western world. All we will have left to eat will be bingo cards.
4 No More Knowledge Bingo has a deserved reputation as a game favored by older people. If they stop sharing knowledge and instead start hoarding more and more cards, we could lose important information in just a few generations. Plus, we could even forget how to play bingo!
5 The Lost Generation On top of the knowledge of the elderly, we could also face losing an entire generation – and one that has a great deal of influence. Many businesses would lose their leaders and families could lose patriarchs and matriarchs to the insidious game. Imagine what would happen to civilization if every holiday has to be spent at the bingo hall?
6 Super Flu Bingo is often played during flu season, and often in crowded condition. This is a perfect breeding ground for a new, strong flu virus. It would not be surprising to see ground zero of the plague of tomorrow end up being a small town’s bingo hall.
7 No Responders Of course, the super virus will be even worse because too many doctors and EMTs are busy at their own bingo games. Unless a bingo card can be used to stop the bleeding, many could face a world where crying “Bingo!” is the only way to get a surgeon’s attention. And unfortunately, they probably will just switch to another card.
8 Alien Invasion, No One Notices It might be a little out there, but think about it – if aliens invaded a small town on Bingo night, would they notice? Before you can say “tripod”, an entire fleet could have its base in small town America. Hopefully, the aliens are allergic to bingo marker ink.
9 Mass Hypnosis Bingo callers can often lull their flock in to a rather sedate state. So what if they decide to take advantage of this? With a mighty call of “B 42!”, a giant bingo army could be raised by these evil callers. 10 Economic Collapse Of course, if any of these things happen, we could see a total economic collapse. Imagine a post apocalyptic world in which we trade only in bingo cards, holy scripture is taken from the mouths of callers, and markers are a valuable relic. It probably will not happen, but it could!


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